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11:13am 03/02/2005
mood: energetic
man i dont know what to do today :/ hmmm o well ill prolly sleep or something...well thats all i know right now byee
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10:57am 31/01/2005
mood: drunk
whats goin on?man my life is kinda boring well anyways on friday i got drunk with ashley and allison good times.then i had to wake up in the mornin to go to cos and then after cos i went over timothys.and sunday went to church with tara. and thats about it. well im out peace.
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11:30am 24/01/2005
mood: cold
yeah... its been a while since i updated but i keep forgeting that i have one ofthese things and plus my computer is still broke that could be another reason. well my life is kind of boring im kinda excited for spring break road trip!! with ashley and allison kentucky and tennesee here we come hahaha. good times.. well im out peace! Napoleon
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11:01am 23/09/2004
mood: bouncy
blah blah blah man i gotta work today not fun at all and i have to work tomorrow and the next day oh well what can you do ? i havent wrote in this thing in a while. i dont really know what to talk about so im gonna go byeeeee
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woo hoo   
05:16pm 01/07/2004
mood: geeky
i finally got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the mall at haircuthouse im so happy!! and im goin up north from friday till monday so ttyl
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06:29pm 25/06/2004
mood: content
havent updated in a while summer has been goin really good and thats all i can think of right now...
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nbf yjh   
08:42am 25/05/2004
mood: tired
huh intresting ..... man im so tired today ! i might lose it i think school is sooo friggin boring and i really want some of those apple dipper things from Mc donalds they are so good ciera got me hooked on those for sure. uhm well i have nothing more to say so i am outie peace
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08:41am 21/05/2004
mood: chipper
i am so bored sitting in school i just want summer to be hereahh im gonna lose it ....o well i am out peace
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12:30pm 19/05/2004
mood: gloomy
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08:37am 13/05/2004
mood: bouncy
prom is tomorrow im gonna look like a goon like always heh im excited
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08:34am 12/05/2004
mood: cheerful
well im grounded agian o well im over it ... its definatly hot outside and its kinda nice. but i just want to ride dirt bikes ...... o well geuss i have to wait till after prom so i dont break anything...heh well im out PEACE
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08:38am 11/05/2004
mood: depressed
MATH needs to die or maybe just the teacher i suck so bad and now i will probably be grounded again... haven't my parents realized that grounding me doesnt help? obviously not because i get a "H" in it PPPPPPFFFFFF what a mess some one just shoot me.
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08:32am 07/05/2004
mood: crappy
having a bad day.. hmph....stupid grades.. i hate school im a dumbass...
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08:35am 05/05/2004
mood: chipper
woo hoo..... im so happy tim got his corvette stared and now we can take it to prom he is one happy camper let me tell ya hah but anyways i got my hair cut its kinda too short but dont worry its not dike spikes or anything so its all good plus my hair grows really fast.but im out PEACE
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08:13am 03/05/2004
mood: cheerful
i havent updated in a while nothing really has been goin on just been hanging out with tim hes a goof ass... hah but yeah prom is may14 so he better get that friggin corvette running or else because i do not want to take the loud dirty truck of his to prom hah man it was nice today i didnt have to be at school till 11 today because i had no cos so i got to sleep innnnn..... well im out peace niggers
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o man   
09:14am 28/04/2004
mood: chipper
lol look at my background.. does anyone know who the flumps are? i think they are goofy
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woo hoooooooooooo   
11:03am 27/04/2004
mood: excited
woo hoo me and the Nikki will be there! im pumped up yo!
well i am ouuuuuutieeeee PEACE
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08:11am 26/04/2004
mood: cheerful
my weekend was really nice friday i went to a lil shin dig at my friend sarahs house from church i ate alot of pizza and then saturday i spent the night at ambers house because we went to a show in carlton it was nice mike you guys did good! heh anyways then we went back to ambers after that was over and we had some good talks heh ... and when we woke up we had to go to her aunts house to let her aunts dog out and we found sex toys in her aunts room it was insane lol hah but then i sunday i went home and then i went to laser tag hah i got 16th place the first time and then the second game i got 7th o well it was only because a lil kid followed behind me most of the time....heh i need to go tanning a lil bit before i go to prom becuase im to white.but anyways i am out... PEACE
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08:46am 23/04/2004
mood: cheerful
I am a very happy girl right now :)
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08:11am 19/04/2004
mood: silly
Definatly havent updated in a while hah... Well my spring break was ok..i hung out with alot of people i havent in a while so it was pretty fun i met new friends from like everywhere heh.. But yeah today me and nikki are goin to get tickets for the evergreen terrace show kinda excited.... OOO and i got a futon now and a TV for my room im happy! uhmm..i dont feel like typing in this thing right now i dont even know why i have it my entrees are all dumb ...

Oh, yeah and i went to the zoo over the break, and i saw Capybaras they are too cool.
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